He daydreams about her and her body's alienations and her again and then her body's needs and nests and fluids: madness dances over their heads and in the cave. The cave is big and small and heavy and dirty and juicy and hairy all at the same time. There is no apocalypse or illumination of sorts but he sees one on the bones of the sheep her mother sent - a purist. There is no love but the man feels an urge to die for love. There are no lies but there is no exact truth either. There is life and surely there is death- the master of all. Her forehead is golden mead when she sleeps. He lays there beside her like a statue of stupidity and awkwardness. He drools at her face and his heart sinks in an old stinky boot of odd. He stares at her lips and eyebrows for at least half an hour - a pure wanka. She's always sleeping with her mouth protruded and she snores a bit. But He acts that, a twat, a pussy whipped replica of himself. Only one thing can beat The big Mr. D, he says, and that is The big fat Mrs. L. Hoho! Words of farty wisdomry. Where the fuck did I leave her? Or is it only a sequence of letters? Death//Love. A simple but powerful sequence of characters? And is it possible that the whole perception of the sequence, the root, the foundation of it, is devised for the purpose of human fun and games? Pff! Devised for pleasure only? Death//Love//Pleasure//life//right//wrong//shit//cum//blood//tears etc etc. Arbitrary Sequences inside an infinite arbitrary arse? Now that is supposed to be funny. Or is it just a toilet who's waiting to be flashed by the green greasy hand of God or the devil's blobby tongue or whoever's whoever member is in charge these days? Maybe is only the taxman smiling behind his counter with that indistructuble Ringo S. smile after a good day's work...hmm...But look...how many more arbitrary sequences fly in the cave: loneliness, hatred, fear, shoes, stupidity blah blah cars knifes teeth grinders lighters blah blah blah cocks ears pizza hikes holes blah blah blah...and then there is the heartbeat- the real undeniable, continuous heartbeat. But this is another story, isn't it?That's it for now my arbitrary folks Let's sleep until we sleep some more! Isn't that true-ish Cod or is it just my trippin'(τρυπι) head?

P.s. "U sound like the fart of the fart of the fart of the fart of that Sex and the city tarsier" says Cod and lifts his fat white joint in the air in a hierophantish manner.
"How thoughtful of you...oh Lord you're right... But what else is there besides flesh and talking about thoughts" says he.
"You really going to need a pro for this shit man...cause there are always feelings involved" says Cod and lights the big fat one.

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