animals, plants & other things /// ζώα, φυτά & άλλα πράγματα

mayro igro pano sto lofaki, xyta xeria, leyka, o skopos tou lobou sou ine i agripnia tis siderenias mou glossas, iserhomenos ki exerhomenos ap;o ton neo planiti soy, katourisa ston kormo mias mourias.


Είναι πρωί και οι αφέντες κοιμούνται πολύ βαθιά μιας και χτες πίνανε ρακές στο Μπόιλερ. Η Μοιρολογίστρα γάτα κλαίει έξω από την πόρτα του υπνοδωματίου Τους, η φίλη της το παίζει νεκρή. η Μοιρολογίστρα φοράει τσεμπέρι γριάς και κάνει ΜΑΟΥ ΜΑΟΥ ΜΑΟΥ όλη την ώρα μέχρι οι αφέντες να ξυπνήσουν, να κάνουν μερικές κωλοτούμπες πάνω στο ζεστό κρεβάτι και να σηκωθούν να τις ταϊσουν επιτέλους. Η αφεντικίνα πάει να κάνει πιπί και η νεκρή γάτα ζωντανεύει και πηδάει πάνω στο πλυντήριο. «Θα την ξέσκιζα αν με κουτουλούσε» λέει η αφέντρα. «Φτιάξω καφέ» λέει ο τρελός αφεντικίνος που του έχει στρίψει λίγο. Και οι δύο ονειρεύονται μία ζωή γεμάτη δόξα και λέλουδα, χαλιά και ζωή χωρίς παπούτσια και ξυπνητήρια. 


The homeless thing stands on the bus stop. Previously she kicked him on the leg and he cursed her - he tried to stop her valuable consetration on the street cement. The HT asks for a lighter. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN SOME FIRE NEEDED HERE he screams. A blackish guy with a moustache and a trempling hand gives him some fire. The HT smokes and speaks with the girl. She reminds her of someone she used to knew from highschool. The HT's feet are bare and it is like an animal, long nails and stuff. - Don't you...are you cold? - Noooo, i'm used to it. - But it's winter...maybe some socks - Nooo...i have long nails and they are...i'm ripping them off. Shit man. The 732 bus came and they did not speak - the boy and the girl - for some time. - I'm sorry for kicking you back there...it's very important for me to consentrate...- I' m gonna hit you in the face if you kick me again, says the boy. Someone speaks very loudly in the bus and the bus is so fucking slow. They watched Persona. They smoked weed and they could not sleep at all. Solid shit. Life is decomposing constantly and the boy talks shit all day long and the girl screams like a saviour machine. 


She is tender but mysterious. She likes to play the flute. She smokes Camels. She prefers hot water and she is doing a lot of turnarounds and other gymnastic tricks. She likes Ingmar Bergman and when se watched Persona she felt sexy and horny. She is a cat person. She likes shoplifting. She sleeps a lot. She prefers vodka and gin. She doesn't like animal jokes. She eats a lot of olive oils. She works as a part time receptionist for a cardiologist. She loves pools.


This octapus is full of sun and it stands on a stone on the mountain like a man with a herd. It feels unable to do anything, to continue living, but it wants to be positive with life in general. It fears that his mate will abandon him cause it is so boring and it works 40 hours a week like a stupid dumb-o ass nigga octapus. It hates his face cause it reminds him Billy Childish, even his friends told him that. He resides in places like Boiler or Cantina Social or some unknown street. He recently dyed his body yellow and started taking lessons of pilates. He thinks he is no more funny as it used to be, he plays in a band with a female dumbo octapus. He does 10 push ups a day and his only eye is fucked cause of an eye disease. He is generally fucked. He works in a bookstore full of sharks and whales. He hates the ocean. He likes Chamomile, rice, eggs, spaghetti, bread, coke, tobacco and weed. Yesterday he got drunk with a friendly squid. They drunk wine, whisky, beer...a lot of beer. He woke up shattered. He helped his mate to dye her hair. He feels numb. He wants to quit his job but he is afraid of his financial situation - it wants to work less and less till it hits ZERO. He is an octapus of honor and faith. He writes poems like a romantic poet from the past somewhere in England. It is practically retarded.

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